Thursday, October 14, 2010


Here's an illustration I just finished for my office's holiday party invitation.

I actually had fun working on this, and think it turned out ok (talk to me in a week). Since there weren't any real restrictions on this, I figured it might be a good opportunity to play around and experiment. I've been wanting to test out using textures, so I started slow with a stock paper texture. It really added a neat effect to the overall image once I was done with the final drawing. I think as long as you don't overplay/rely too much on textures, they can be a great tool. Maybe I'll try my hand at creating some custom textures in photoshop some time.

A little color comp to figure out placement and silhouette. I wasn't sure of the hues at this point so it looks like the rooster is either underwater or in a doomsday volcano's ash cloud.
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