Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Epic Win

A little shaman/witchdoctor guy inspired by EpicWin.

So what have I been getting a kick out of lately?
This great little app called EpicWin, which combines To Do list/task management with the fun and ridiculousness of a fantasy RPG. Right up my alley. I've always been a checklist gal, and garner a good amount of satisfaction from crossing things off lists in the name of productivity. With EpicWin, it's just that, but with added, gorgeously designed incentive. The graphics for the app are a treat to behold, and the interface slick and easy to use. When you complete tasks, you earn gold, and eventually discover loot. All things befitting of a warrior gone a-questing. The loot you can earn is hilarious and offbeat, from "Helmet of Questionable Appeal" to "Flask of Soured Cat's Milk".

The team that put this little gem together started up a development blog for user input and newly added features, as the app continues to grow. Give the app a try, your chores will never be the same again.

You start out choosing one of the five characters to battle your way through quests (i.e. laundry, take out the trash, call your mom for heaven's sake). Behold, my little shambling undead minion, Knuckleduster.

An example of the loot you earn from completed quests. Tasty.

I can't wait to go home and do my laundry.
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