Friday, September 17, 2010

peter pan & pirates

Warmup sketch that turned into a mischievous Peter Pan concept. Might play around with this more...

The other day I discovered something I have been waiting for for a long, long time. A classic Lucasarts game has been made available as an app for the iPhone/iPod. I have a lasting love for the games that Lucasarts put out in the early 90s, in the days before it was all Star Wars all the time. The games were witty, interactive, fun, and had a consistently high level of quality poured into them. The games took a bit of inventiveness to figure them out, but there was freedom to try anything and players weren't restricted to an exact order of doing things either.The graphics and environment art always had a twisted charm, whether it was Route 66, a pirate shantytown, a roadside convenience store, or another planet (I remember desperately wanting to work for the company :D).

If you missed out on these games you can get a good refresher here.

Splash screen for Monkey Island 2. The image alone sells it.

The control options work well on the small screen, aside from the occasional blind tapping. The background art gets a crisp update for the app, but remains true to it's roots. The tombstone reads: "Marco Largo LeGrande, hell on sea or sand. The good news, he's dead. The bad news, he bred."

Ah, the good ol' inventory. Where you can construct sentences like: "Use wood polish on peg leg."

Buy the app now for just .99 cents. It's worth the doubloons.
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