Thursday, December 10, 2009


I did this rough sketch over the weekend, and decided to try experimenting with it instead of being lazy. You know, broadening my horizons, or whatever you want to call it.

Most of the drawings I'm still able to look at without shuddering, are simple loose sketches. I've always had trouble capturing the energy and overall 'oomph' of a sketch when translating it to a final drawing or finished piece. Sometimes I end up overworking the thing, and it's a lost cause. Most of the time I just keep at the original sketch and build it up to a final. The finished drawing usually resembles a half crinkled, half eraser-bare mongrel with smudges resembling an 18-wheeler jamming the breaks at 90mph on the pike. In a word, messy. I picked up a $30 lightbox at Dick Blick (aka Art Warehouse) on Saturday because it's one of those things I should probably have lying around. I put another sheet of paper on top of the rough sketch and drew over the rough shapes, editing where necessary.

The paper is just white computer paper because that's what was at hand, and the last time I used my printer was probably a year and a half ago before it ran out of ink.

Here's the "cleaner" drawing, after a bit of nip/tuck. I purposely made the lines thicker and more pronounced like a cartoon design so that I could try some additional experiments in photoshop.

After 30 wash cycles in a conventional washing machine, the drawing on the right is still at it's brightest whites!

In photoshop I tried my hand at coloring linework for the first time, using the tutorial I had read on Mike Laughead's blog. As an experiment it was pretty fun, and it was good to learn something new and change things up a little.
I threw on some rough colors, because I like the concept but don't feel it's quite there yet. I'll have to do a bunch of little mountainfolk drawings and see what I come up with.
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