Wednesday, April 22, 2009

wonder woman

Diana, queen of the Amazons. Kicker of asses. Wearer of fashionable, yet practical sandals.

Finally got around to finishing this one. Turned out worlds different than what I started from, which given the fact I had left it lying around for a while, isn't surprising. The sketch was looking too 'vampy' and not at all like the Wonder Woman I would draw. She should have presence. Y'know, like she could beat the snot out of someone, but still be distinctly feminine. Girl power and all that....stuff.

Heroes: Andrew Loomis
When I was around twelve, my dad brought home a bundle of books for me from a local library sale, one of which was a well-worn copy of "Fun With a Pencil" by Andrew Loomis

The book contained some of the best draftmanship, caricature, and studies of the human figure I had ever seen. It was published in 1940, and looking at it now, much of the content is un-PC in an almost comical way. But damn, the man could draw. You looked at his work and knew that he was a master at what he did. I admit I never really used any drawing instruction books when I was little, and that's not out of any pretentious conviction. I was more interested in trying to duplicate the finished product, so I could care less about going through any series of steps or jumping through hoops. I learn through imitation, mimicry, and my own stubbornness.

Unfortunately, to my knowledge all of Loomis' books are out of print. However, I recently discovered that some wonderful soul has scanned/made pdfs of them. It's an amazing treasure trove, so don't say I never gave ya nothin'.