Saturday, March 28, 2009

wonder sketch

Wonder Woman work in progress. We'll see where it goes from here...


varadia said...

I feel like I'm leaping out of the woodwork into the void, here. But. WONDER WOMAN!

Also hi! It has been longtime, man.

Your art is still kickass. Shocker. *grins*

The above-average animation flowing into the cartoon violence is SO true. And it's a short step from there to comics, where the violence abruptly steps it up a lot! Win?

-- Lynne M.

Lauren said...

Holy crow! How are ya?

Yes, it has been a while, but you posted on my blog, and... aww shucks it makes me feel good.

Shoot me an email, kid, we need to catch up. Also, I feel the need to play some elaborate prank on your brother now that I hear he's in the same city. With your permission of course. ;)