Tuesday, February 10, 2009


A quick sketch during lunch at Bruegger's today.

I'm a sucker for many things: bad fantasy films, cereals that include toys in the boxes, 3D glasses, a good rootbeer, and anything corduroy... to name just a handful. But one theme I've always been drawn to is things nautical. I think I was born with an interest in the nomadic and the survivalist, heck, one of my first* book reports was on Robinson Crusoe. Something about the self-contained-ness of life on a ship at sea was both fascinating and scary. What really did it though, was probably this:

The wreck of the Howard W. Middleton.
I grew up around this shipwreck, spending every single one of my summers poking around it near our family cottage. I guess it was sort of my version of the tree-house.

Just... slippery-er.



Ariel said...

Me too! Though I mostly just made all the neighborhood kids play my favorite game - "now you're stranded on a raft in the middle of the ocean." Rafts are self-contained, fascinating, and scary just like real boats. But with the thrilling possibility that someone will become so thirsty they will drink their own urine.

talkingboard said...

OH GEEZ you need to be my new best friend. Bunnicula was my favorite when I was younger. I have never met anyone else who read those stories.