Saturday, January 24, 2009


Found: a great new painting app to use on my iPod touch called Brushes. (I've talked about the other painting program I've used, NetSketch, here.) So what's all the hullabaloo about?

One of the best things about Brushes is that it supports transparency, so basically it is much more true to mimicking the layering and building of color that occurs when using paint. The best I can describe it is "dynamic finger painting."

Here's a little portrait of Yoda I did to show how the transparency and layering can really help you build shapes and textures. It's also very intuitive if you use more of an add/subtract method of painting, much like using an eraser on a charcoal drawing to create highlights. 

The app features your standard tools: a color picker with sliders for tint and transparency... eyedropper tool and zoom in/out capabilities....

...three different styles/textures of brushes with variable size sliders...

... and a multiple "undo" feature, of course. *guilty look*

So that's Brushes in a virtual blog-based nutshell. Bottom line: great features, nice little interface, and gosh-darn it, it's fun. 



forbetaorworse said...

"a mustache I've grown MMMMMmmmm." Hot shit!