Thursday, March 27, 2008

Daniel Faraday

In school I used my calculator more for spelling words like "boobies" than for solving math problems. You're really only limited by your imagination.

Bonus Level:
Let's see if anyone is reading this thing.

The first person to correctly post the answer to this Lost trivia question gets to determine the subject of the next sketch. Use the comments feature below to submit a guess.

  • Which Lost actor/actress will make an appearance in the upcoming Indiana Jones movie : Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull?


Jerome said...

Alan Dale a.k.a. Charles Whitmore

Hurley next, or maybe a Jin/Sun combo?

Lauren said...

Right on the money.

However, I should note that it's a trick question, as there is more than one correct answer.

Anyone else have answer #2?

Kelly said...

I'm curious, but my Google Fu has failed me...

k.krapp said...

its andrew divoff - our eye patched friend mikhail bakunin

Lauren said...

You are a winner.

Let me know who/what you'd like to see in an upcoming sketch.

k.krapp said...

im bucking the lost trend and voting for some garrison keillor love